Nima Dehghani

Nima Dehghani


Nima Dehghani is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the relationships between politics, society, and the audience. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1986, Mr. Dehghani works predominantly in the medium of performance art, mainly theater. He is a founder of the performance group “Ctrl+Z”. An accomplished director, playwright, and author, he holds several prizes in playwriting, the award for Best Young Director of the year (Iran, 2012), and is the author of four books. He is also the founder of Peykart magazine. Most of Mr. Dehghani’s artwork has social themes with a touch of satire because he tries to reflect the political realities of the world. His works have been exhibited extensively in Tehran and Pittsburgh, as well as in Columbus (OH), Dresden, Brussels, Liverpool, and Madrid.

In 2010, Mr. Dehghani completed a B.A. in Architecture with distinction at Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Architecture in Tehran. He currently attends Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, studying for a Masters in Fine Arts. On the side, Mr. Dehghani also writes stories and theater criticisms for numerous Iranian magazines and newspapers.

He strives to find the most effective way to influence the audience and society through new experiences in experimental media. His most recent project, "Netformances," began in 2013 to combine performance art with the Internet and social networks like Facebook. Lately, he has begun adding video art to his performances, while continuing to explore virtual art.

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