About Us

Our Mission

ChoreoNova® exists to empower you through dance.  We all face many challenges in life that we must try to resolve successfully.  Using highly entertaining contemporary dance films and performances, ChoreoNova® models these challenges.  We motivate positive responses to personal and social ills.  We fuse different dance forms and multimedia technologies as we extend our field’s frontiers.  We make dance accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Who We Are

Board of Directors:
Davida Rae, President
Rona Sayetta, Director
Kenneth Nickel, Director
Nicolas Petrov, Director


Work: "Anticipation"
Dancer: Kerra Alexander
Image: Bill Shirley
© 2014 Bill Shirley

Davida Rae, CEO, Secretary
Rona Sayetta, CFO/Treasurer

Chuck Tyler, SMM
Matthew Brueggeman, IT