Artistic Vision

Image: Bill Shirley
Dancer: Kerra Alexander

1) To make and present deeply meaningful works designed to inspire positive ways of coping with life. We aim to give both the audience members and participating artists the insight to realize their individual and collective resilience.

2) To embrace a wider spectrum of dance than that usually performed by a single company. Instead of showcasing mainly just ballet, modern, or jazz, we are combining various diverse dance styles plus natural movement.

3) To find novel ways of incorporating complementary technological elements into dance, while never overshadowing dance as the primary method of communication. To illustrate, the music for an upcoming piece has had an additional soundtrack of real human heartbeats added. By this addition, the dance depicts the palpable excitement that comes from being in love.

4) To make our art continuously more accessible and relatable to more people. The company is beginning to explore how we may show our art interactively as well as via the traditional modes--performing live, by film, and by web; and displaying in both traditional (e.g., theaters) and nontraditional venues (e.g., outside on the grass). This is also another reason why it is so important to utilize multiple dance forms. Not everyone relates to ballet or krumping, for example.

Because our artistic director is both an artist and a scientist (B.S. in Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011), which is a unique analytical background for a choreographer, her dual perspective is a fundamental part of the company. The company is moving towards multimedia and occasionally interactive works (alongside more traditional ones) that remain dance-focused, blending sound, visual, and performing arts by combining art and science. For us, art is subjectivity, emotion, and connection with people; while science is objectivity, testing hypotheses, and discovering the nature of being. Art and science both have in common that they are a quest for truth, just in different ways. This allows us to fuse them together seamlessly.

We also value incorporating diversity and inclusivity. We exemplify this by: combining multiple dance techniques, addressing sensitive and difficult topics, utilizing differing body types, and welcoming artists not already known to our organization. We further demonstrate our quest for diversity by experimenting and taking chances to heighten our impact. We choose to pioneer, always pushing and striving (as any good dancer does) for perfection in communicating our message of resilience via dance. We pursue non-traditional ways of presenting dance because we want to make our art as engaging as possible and reach more people with our positive message. We aim to fuse more and more dance forms because that is the only way to free ourselves from the artistic limitations of any one style of encoded movement. We make works involving the use of technologies and media with which we are relatively unfamiliar because that enables us to stretch artistically. We are always purposely innovating, evolving, learning, growing, and improving our connections with audiences. We cannot deny, however, that this way of existing involves inherent technical and artistic risks. Nevertheless, our brief history already shows that these risks pay off. Our experiments are rewarding because they are carefully chosen to make the most efficient and creative use of our resources and to build on these to push us forward artistically and technically while upholding our mission.