Core Values


Great storytelling comes from any combination of personal experience, observational learning, and the artist’s imagination. You do not have to have lived something to fully understand it. Anyone has the right to tell anyone else’s story, because all human culture belongs to all people. We humans learn from the experiences of each other. A particularly valuable way of passing on that knowledge is dance because it is so central to the human spirit. Dance through storytelling has the power to change people’s lives.


ChoreoNova® believes that contemporary dance should be more than just an expression of visual interest. We move you, remind you of all the good and bad that life has to offer, and, above all, help you feel resilient enough to deal with it. We also seek to strengthen our participating artists by giving them psychologically and physically healthy work environment — expressive, nurturing, open, and balanced. We want our dancers to feel free from the pressure of living to a certain body image and instead to care for their bodies. We ask that other dance companies throughout the world join us in the effort to liberate dancers from the plagues of eating disorders and chronic injuries to which so many dancers still fall victim.


We believe all dance types, musical structures, and others facets of culture have the potential to make equivalent contributions to our stories. No one expression is inherently more meaningful than any other. In our eyes, each has worth by virtue of the unique aspects it possesses for storytelling. So do all people. Nevertheless, each cultural facet and person also has its own advantages and limitations.

In dance and musical practices, for instance, some are melodic and some rhythmic. Some are beautiful and some not. Some are even minimal. But all dance styles and musical modes are created equal.

When combined, dance techniques, musical pieces, and other cultural forms can become more than the sum of their parts. Each is a brush that can be applied to the choreographer’s palette. ChoreoNova’s works weave together seemingly disparate, individual elements into a new, unified whole.


We choose to pioneer, always pushing and striving for perfect impact, as any good dancer does. We offer a transformative experience of contemporary dance not only by presenting that which has never been seen before, but also by finding new ways of presenting it. Through novel ideas, innovation, and risk-taking, we constantly experiment to heighten our impact.

We focus on overcoming all financial, cultural, and technological limits to create fresh dance works. Technology is a tool to fulfill our mission. The technology itself is never to become the purpose of our dance art. Dance is always our primary method of communicating with you, our audience, and the incorporation of technology should never overshadow that.

We try to make the most efficient and creative use of our resources.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We believe in the co-existence of these two values. Naturally, reflecting any given society will under-represent those who are less numerous. However, purposefully over-representing them no longer accurately reflects that society. So we strike a balance between inclusiveness and diversity across our repertoire.

Our policy of inclusivity covers such examples as: utilizing a variety of dancer body shapes and sizes, thereby helping the public recognize yourself; combining multiple dance techniques; addressing sensitive and difficult topics; and welcoming artists of all races, ethnicities, and sexual or gender preferences.

Image: Jay Verno
Dancers: Nicole Greenland & Iona Newell


We live by the precept of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” We treat every member of ChoreoNova® and the community with fairness, kindness, and a collaborative attitude at all times. We recognize that great ideas may come from less-established and even unknown voices. We follow through on our commitments. We also respond to all phone calls and other communiqués in a timely manner.


We stand behind our art and our actions as individuals and as a company. ChoreoNova® aspires to be worthy of the faith that you place in us. We pledge to address topical issues of the day that fall under the umbrellas of increasing self-awareness and resilience, advancing human rights, and enhancing mutual understanding. We stimulate our audience to rethink its perspectives, even when difficult or unpopular. We act with raw honesty, honor, and good intentions.


ChoreoNova® identifies and enters situations that enable us to work with artists, audiences, and like-minded organizations for mutual benefit. Further, we collaborate with other companies to share expenses and to stimulate each other’s creativity.


Image: Jay Verno
Dancers: Nicole Greenland & Iona Newell


It is essential for ChoreoNova® to be self-supporting to maintain and grow our programs.


By whatever means necessary, we make it as easy as possible to experience and benefit from our work. We reach people in various communities across the globe, including those who are disabled.