Core Values


Regardless of how we may grow and change over the years as a company, it is of utmost importance to treat every member of the community, both inside and outside ChoreoNovaTM, with fairness, respect, and a collaborative attitude at all times. We recognize that great ideas may come from less-established and even unknown voices. We encourage entirely open communication both within our organization and between ChoreoNovaTM and the society in which we exist. As an organization, we live by the precepts of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. We follow through on our commitments, including responding to phone calls and other communiqués in a timely manner.


We stand behind our art and our actions as individuals and as a company. ChoreoNovaTM aspires to be worthy of the faith that you, our audience, place in us. We pledge to address topical issues of the day that fall under the umbrella of the advancement of human rights, increasing self-awareness and resilience, and enhancing mutual understanding. We aim to stimulate our audience to rethink its perspectives, even when difficult or unpopular. We act with raw honesty, honor, and good intentions.


As a company, ChoreoNovaTM will help foster a more open artistic society by embracing diversity in both dance techniques and dancers’ body aesthetics. The choreography will start to develop a unique genre of contemporary dance that reflects and integrates the cultural diversity of our world dance heritage, not just the Western-influenced mixture commonly seen as contemporary dance today. We embrace a wider spectrum of dance than that typically performed by a single dance company.

Image: Jay Verno
Dancers: Nicole Greenland & Iona Newell


Innovation is at the core of all we do. We strive to offer a transformative experience of contemporary dance not only by presenting that which has never been seen before, but also by finding new ways of presenting and showcasing more traditional forms of contemporary dance. We will focus on overcoming all financial, cultural, and technological limits to create innovative dance works. This requires remaining open to the voices of previously unheard artists as well as always being willing to ask what more we can do to push the boundaries of contemporary dance. Further, we employ emerging technologies because they provide a means of creating something never before seen and actualize concepts that would not be achievable otherwise. However, dance will always remain our primary method of communicating with you, our audience, and the incorporation of technology should never overshadow that. The technology itself is never to become the purpose of our art.

Image: Jay Verno
Dancers: Nicole Greenland & Iona Newell


ChoreoNovaTM believes that contemporary dance should be more than just an expression of visual interest because dance, like other art forms, has the power to change people’s lives. We want to move you, remind you of all the good and bad that life has to offer, and, above all, make you feel resilient enough to deal with it. We also seek to strengthen our participating artists by giving them a nurturing, open, balanced, and psychologically and physically healthy environment in which to work. We want our dancers to care for their bodies and feel free from the pressure to live up to a certain body image. We aim to present dances that utilize a multitude of body shapes and sizes, thereby enhancing the diversity of the choreography we can showcase and helping you, the public, to recognize yourselves onstage. We ask that other dance companies throughout the world join us in the effort to liberate dancers from the plagues of eating disorders and chronic injuries to which so many dancers still fall victim.


We practice transparency in all aspects of our functioning as an organization. We believe that more information means more understanding and better relationships both inside our company and with the larger community. We act with clarity and purpose in establishing, interpreting, and applying ChoreoNova’sTM Bylaws and other codes of appropriate conduct. We maintain fiscal responsibility and mindfulness of our nonprofit status as an integral part of the decision-making process.