Davida Rae, CEO, Secretary

Davida Rae is CEO and President of ChoreoNova’s Board of Directors.  She has conceived, planned, directed, and produced 23 previous art events, including a full-length show and multiple dance films.  She has interfaced pre- and post-production with venue management, production staff, equipment providers, and music publishers (for licensing) on these projects.  She has also developed artwork and advertising in conjunction with graphic designers. As CEO, she manages day-to-day company operations.  A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Physics, she has been awarded six competitive research grants from applications she either wrote entirely or co-wrote.  She trained in basic business management as part of her fashion design degree at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, as well as in statistical analysis via her physics research.  She gained experience measuring, reporting, and presenting outcomes from six separate research internships that spanned variable terms from several months to one year.  She also took three design internships (one in web development and two in fashion design) that involved project management and managed a residential property for seven years.

Rona Sayetta, CFO/Treasurer

Rona Sayetta serves as CFO for the company and also sits on its board.  She has assisted in the conception, planning, direction, and costuming of seven previous art events, including the full-length show and multiple dance films.  She holds five advanced degrees, including an M.D. and a Master’s in Governmental Administration.  Her 10-year federal government career included supervising a research branch of the National Center for Health Statistics and initiating and running several collaborative projects.  She has extensive experience with writing scientific grants, including measuring, reporting, and presenting their outcomes. She has published 23 journal articles, a book, and a doctoral dissertation synopsis involving original research and statistical analysis. Now a retired physician, she owned and operated a successful psychiatry practice, as well as a silk floral design firm in Boca Raton, FL, for a decade.  She is presently writing her memoir.