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ChoreoNova® needs you!  Donate and/or volunteer here.

Original Image: Jay Verno
Graphic Design: Davida Rae
Dancers: Nicole Greenland & Iona Newell

Please help us continue to present innovative and socially-purposeful art. Make a donation, large or small. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thanks to our supporters:

Yang Cai
Rob Levit
Janet Peters
Monica Ryan

Join us and donate your time and skills.

Thanks to our volunteers:

Aytac Akkan
Julie Anderson
Nafisa Baker
Nima Dehghani
Ethan Gagorik
Tammy Henning
Arlan Hess
Shirley Park
Yuan Sheng
Chuck Tyler
Mandy Wilson
Andrew Winslow

In-kind wants

Or, you can give another way. This is what we are presently in need of:

Scrim, minimum size 15’ by 25’
Exercise mats-2′ thick minimum
Other Lighting equipment
Audio equipment
Pipe and drape
Holographic projection equipment